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Beyond the Circle


In this 2-hour workshop you will experience a time of spiritual refreshment as you participate in simple ritual, guided meditation, creating your own mandala and reflecting on life’s transitions.


Creating mandalas is a simple spiritual tool accessible to all. Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “Sacred Circle” or “to have possession of one’s essence”. By using color and shape we create symbols that are the language of the soul. By drawing a mandala, we get a glimpse of our deeper spiritual selves and you will have a visual reminder-a mirror-of your inner soul-space.

Erin King has been creating mandalas for over 30 years both as a personal spiritual practice as well as facilitating groups. She has found that in creating mandalas, she is connected with the Divine Presence and is reminded that she is not alone, but connected to a greater essence of which she is interconnected. Erin can guide you in translating the language of your soul-space and how your mandala reflects your particular life’s transition.

No artistic ability is needed. We will be using paper and oil pastels.


King, Erin.

Workshops have a different theme and are for those age 16 and up.



"A Mandala for the New Year Ahead / Seeking Your Inner North Star"

We will experience meaningful ritual, share our stories about where we have been, where we are now and imagine where we want to go this next year of 2024.

We will participate in a guided meditation as we imagine our future, make intentions, and create our own personal mandala with symbols and colored pens.

Location: Sacramento

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