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Clergy Grief Support Group


Are you a clergyperson who has been “let go” from a church or from a spiritual leadership position?

Have you recently retired as a pastor/chaplain?

Are you a clergyperson who has experienced a personal loss?

Disenfranchised Grief

When a person experiences a loss that is not or cannot be openly, publicly mourned, or socially supported. When clergy experience this type of grief and do not get the support they need, it can cause a longer grieving process and could evolve into a more serious form of complicated grief.

Izumi-Wellspring Center provides a safe and confidential place where clergy can:

  • Express their grief

  • Receive spiritual and emotional support

  • Learn about the disenfranchised grief process

  • Learn how to cope as they move through a time of transition

Course Information:

  • Duration: 4 weeks

  • Frequency: Weekly 90-minute group sessions via Zoom

  • Group Facilitators: Rev. Erin King -and- Tamara Bahlhorn

  • Participants: 5-10

  • Fee: $200/full course -or- $50/per session

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Courses are offered in 4-week or 6-week sessions.

See below for information sessions and the next course start date.

3/5/2024 - 3/26/2024

Course: Tuesdays, 4 Weeks

Location: Zoom (Virtual)

Learn About the Facilitators

Rev. Erin King
Director & Facilitator
Izumi-Wellspring Center

Rev. Erin has been a Board-Certified Chaplain (BCC) for 20 years and has worked as a hospice chaplain for over 10 years and as a hospital chaplain for 7 years. Most recently she was serving as Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation at CAUCC in Modesto, CA.

Erin has personal experience with disenfranchised grief and its specific issues for clergy in the church and communities. She has led grief support groups and has provided individual support for adults and children.


Erin trained as an Anamcara Apprentice at the Sacred Art of Living Center in Bend, Oregon and with the American Academy of Bereavement. 

Tamara Bahlhorn

Tamara has over 15 years of experience in grief work as a hospital chaplain, having completed her Clinical Pastoral Education residency at UC Davis Medical Center. She has studied extensively in the fields of grief, trauma, spirituality and psychology and holds an MS in Psychology.  Tamara is also certified in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST) by Living Works by a trainer. She holds certificate in Television & Radio Broadcasting with a focus on creating healing content for psychiatric and healthcare centers.

Most importantly, Tamara brings personal experience to her work as a professional grief coach. Growing up with a parent who was terminally, ill, Tamara has a well-rounded experience with the complexities of grief. She has done the work of healing and integrating grief, loss and change and the impact it has had on her personal, emotional, and spiritual life. It is for this reason that she is an authentic, empathetic presence for those who are experiencing grief, loss and change and working at healthy integration.


Individuals who have utilized Tamara’s coaching services benefit by having an honoring witness to the grief that occurs with living life. She recognizes that grief integration is a sacred process that is unique to the individual for which much reverence is required.  Tamara delivers a personal approach to the healing process that is non-judgmental, non-intimidating, emotionally open, and aims to spark the client’s creativity to produce grounded and manageable solutions.

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