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Women at the Well


Do you yearn for something more in life, yet not know what it is?

Do you wish to be heard/seen as a woman with wisdom and something to say?

Do you desire to have your experience as a woman acknowledged and valued?

Do you want to feel empowered to live each day fully, no matter what that is as a working woman, as a mother, as an elder? 

If you said yes to any of these questions, then come to Women at the Well. We will share stories, connect to the red thread, and reflect on the power of living in abundance. 

Are you one who gets overwhelmed or caught up with society’s message of scarcity and not having enough? Are there places that feel scarce or frail or thin? What would it be like to bring an expression of bounty there?


Come to our women’s gathering and experience belonging, a lightness of spirit and explore those places of abundance in your life-especially when you don’t think there is any.

We will engage with meaningful ritual in creating a circle of welcome and belonging, explore what it means to experience bounty and abundance especially when it is not obvious to the eye, and then create a simple mandala (no artistic experience needed) that expresses your bounty-self. You will be able to take home this concrete expression of Your Abundance as a reminder you have all that you need right now, no matter what is going on around you.

King, Erin. 2023.

King, Erin. 2020.

King, Erin. 2022.

Gatherings are approximately the fourth Saturday of every month with a different theme.



“Seasons of Friendship”

Location: Stockton

Register via email

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