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Dragonfly Times


“Dragonfly Times: Transitions of Letting In, Letting Go and Moving On”

This 4 week/8 hour class series is for the congregation who has gone through transitions, is going through transitions or will be going through transitions. We will focus on the steps involved in this process, particularly to endings, the neutral zone, and new beginnings. We will be attentive to self-care, make meaning of where we are in the process, and how specific gifts of the Spirit and biblical stories can guide us during the transition process. The class format will combine teaching segments, small group sharing and individual reflection time. Through creative activities and journaling, participants will become experientially involved in tapping the wellspring within themselves that will give them the hope to face their faith community transitions as well as their own personal transitions.

Rev. Erin King has guided individuals and groups many times both here in the USA and overseas in Tokyo, Japan. She has used this valuable information for her own personal transitions including multiple overseas moves, a divorce, two career changes, family shift changes as well as congregational shifts. Erin has been an ordained UCC clergywoman for 21 years, she has 20 years’ experience as a chaplain and 30 years’ experience as a spiritual teacher and guide. 


No events are planned at this time.


Contact Erin King to schedule a consultation: or 209-815-0763


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